A Purposeful rescue faqs & resources

I need to re-home my dog. Can you take them into your rescue?

No. We are not currently accepting owner relinquishments, but we are happy to courtesy list your dog and provide tips to help you. You should also check out the website below which helps owners list and re-home their pups to potential adopters.

Adoptapet.com Rehoming Website

I want to adopt/learn more about/meet one of your dogs. What do I do?

You must start by fill out an adoption application. We will not be able to speak to you or set up any meetings until this is complete. 

How much is it to adopt one of your dogs?

Our dogs are not for "sale" as we are a 501c3 Non Profit Rescue. We ask for a $300 adoption donation which helps cover some of the cost of the vetting we do. We spend an average of $600 per dog and the donation allows us to provide excellent care for our pups. Please note, we will consider waiving adoption donations for seniors with ongoing medical conditions. Please note, there is a $200 training deposit for puppies. This deposit will be paid directly to a trainer of the adopter’s choice.

Do you have adoption events where I can meet your dogs?

Yes. Please follow our Instagram for regular event updates or check out the events section of our website.

I found an "abandoned" or lost dog. What do I do? Can you take it?

No, we cannot take the dog. Please take the dog to the nearest animal shelter. While you may think the dog is abandoned or not cared for it may very likely be someone's pet. You cannot tell by how a dog looks. The animal shelter is the FIRST place a distraught owner will look. The shelters are full of lovely, hard working staff and volunteers who care about the animals. It is not a bad place to take the dog and they will take care of them and keep them safe!

The dog will be placed on a 5 day stray hold to give the owner time to find them, and if the dog is chipped and/or licensed the owner will be contacted immediately. You can put yourself down for "first rights" so that you can be there to adopt the dog as soon as it becomes available. You can ask the shelter staff for the Animal ID so you can keep track of the animal either on the shelter website or by calling. Dogs are not euthanized immediately upon availability. This is a myth. All dogs leave the shelter spayed/neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Taking a lost dog to the shelter is the right thing to do!

LA City Shelters

LA County Shelters

We love our dog but cannot afford the medical care he/she needs and may need to surrender him/her to the shelter. Can you help?

Yes! We can. Please send us details on what is going on with your pup and what care has been provided to date.

Our dog is digging out of the yard, barking, etc. and our landlord wants them out. Can you help?

While we cannot take your dog, we can help you brainstorm solutions to the problem so you can keep your pup. If you need fence repair, dog houses, or training advice we would love to help you!