They are dogs who may not run to the front of their kennel to greet visitors, so they're less frequently seen. Perhaps they're shy, or maybe they just don't do well in the stressful shelter environment. Maybe they have a treatable medical condition and just need someone to give them a little extra care. Whatever the reason, these dogs find themselves running out of time at the shelter. Previously overlooked, once you get these Magical Unicorns out of the shelter and into a loving foster or forever home, they reach their full potential as happy, loving companions!


AGE: 9 years WEIGHT: 70 lbs BREED: American Staffordshire Terrier mix

Hi. I'm Ali. I spent 9 months at the shelter, and that is shocking to everyone who knows how good a girl I am! I'm quite the catch! I'm around 8 to 9 years old and I weigh around 70 lbs. (The vet says I could stand to lose a few). I'm good with other dogs, and I love to go to the dog park because I do zoomies there. Wanna meet and see me go zoom? Get in touch.


AGE: 7 years WEIGHT: 79 lbs BREED: Labrador Retriever / Bullmastiff mix

Hi, I'm Alice and I'm basically a bear cub trapped in a dog's body! I'm sweet as honey and just adore everyone I meet, unless you're a cat. I don't love kitties. I am very smart and very funny. I love people, especially my foster family who became my forever family.

You can also watch a video of me here! And another one here!


AGE: 13 years WEIGHT: 9.5 lbs BREED: Maltipoo

Well you can see how I got my name right? Look at my fabulous hair! I've been told I'm a sassy, happy little monkey. I'm taking it one day at a time, and trying to make the most of every day. A special thank-you to the wonderful people who do wonderful things to make my life better. 


AGE: 15 years WEIGHT: 16 lbs BREED: Maltipoo

My name is Dutchess. (It's Dutchess with a T because I'm TERRIFIC).   I'm a mature gal who is thrilled to spend my golden years loved and cherished in a comfy home as a forever foster. I was surrendered at the shelter with significant medical issues but am now doing better. I will ne ongoing medical care for a heart condition and my eyes. And I'm going to be taking pills for the rest of my life. That's okay. Maybe we can put them in cheese? I love my walks and I love my FOOD! This Dutchess feels like a queen!

I have a video. I even have a speaking part. You can also check out how snuggly I am here.


AGE: 12 years WEIGHT: 70 lbs BREED: American Staffordshire Terrier mix*

Hi! My name is Lady Etta, a.k.a. “Lady Lumps” because I've got lots of lumps! They add character! A bunch have already been removed, and we plan on removing more. I have no idea I am a senior dog. I may be 12, but I don't act a day over 10. Sometimes I get excited about a toy. I'm in a foster home with dogs of all shapes and sizes, and I love to tag along on outings. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dog park! Oh my gosh, so many people to meet! Dogs are cool too, but people make my world go round! I would be an amazing office dog/shop dog because greeting everyone is my favorite thing to do in the entire world! Get me a diplomatic license plate — because I’m practically an ambassador for my breed, showing there is NOTHING scary about pit bulls! Wanna meet me? 

*I might be part hound because I howl when I get excited.

Want to see my audition for America's Funniest Home Videos? It's here


AGE: 7 years WEIGHT: 60 Ibs BREED: American Staffordshire Terrier

Hi I’m Gilbert! I am a BIG softy and I LOVE other dogs! Big, small, young, old, loud, quiet-nothing phases me. I am so happy to be a forever foster. My family says I am a great nap partner and love to hang around like little four-legged shadow. Even though I have some arthritis, it does not slow me down and I even chase toys around. (Thanks to my medication). I really love to wiggle on the carpet on my back! That’s all for Gilbert…for now.


AGE: 13 years WEIGHT: 10 lbs BREED: Shi Tzu

Hello there! I'm Kermit and I've found the most amazing place to retire after being found as a stray on the streets of South LA. I'm looking forward to some snacks, naps in the sun, and making sure everyone around me knows when I need a good ear scratch.


AGE:  12 years WEIGHT: 14 lbs BREED: Jack Russell Terrier mix

Hi! I'm Kippy! I'm a peach! I am a spry dog, and my foster Mom says I'm a bottomless love bucket. I'm quirky, cute and so perfectly mannered. I'm a gran gran so I nap quite frequently but don't let this fool you - I have a 5th gear and can be ready to go in a heartbeat.  I am playful, loving and fun with the most loving disposition unless of course you're a puppy or you are another four legged furry that shows her too much attention. I really only have eyes for my human...I'm fine with other dogs but they're just other dogs.  


AGE:  12 Years WEIGHT: 27 lbs BREED: Labrador Retriever & Whippet Mix

Hi! My name is Leia! I might LOOK like a Labrador from photos but I am not! I'm a Pocket Labrador mix! I weigh a mighty 27 lbs!! Can you believe it!? I have a zest for life, love my foster family and foster dogs and cat and I can leap around the yard like a gazelle! if you don't believe me watch my video! I'm around 12 years old (we think) and I just wanna hang with some awesome humans (and animals if you have them that's great but I would be fine solo) call me!

I might be part gazelle! Check out my video!


AGE: 12 years WEIGHT: 17 lbs BREED: Cocker Spaniel

My name is Magda. Unfortunately, my previous family let me fall into a state that was just unfair to me. I was soooo sad when they decided to take me to the shelter, but then I met my Cinderella fairy godmothers (or is that fairy dogmothers?)  from A Purposeful Rescue and everything changed! I'm now a forever foster. 


AGE: 5 years WEIGHT: 10 lbs BREED: Maltese Mix

Hi. I'm Mamie. I'm so tiny that sometimes people call me Thumbtack. (Which is much better than being called Stapler or Paper Clip.) Thanks to some wonderful people, I'm not a forever foster. 



AGE: 10 years WEIGHT: 51lbs BREED: Golden Retriever

Everyone loves this Okra! That's because I'm Okra...and who doesn't love a Golden Retriever?!

When A Purposeful Rescue heard my former owners turned me into the shelter, they knew there was no way I could stay. Just look at me! Not only am I pretty, but I'm soooo sweet and I love other dogs. I'm now safe and sound, living with my forever-foster family.