Fostering a rescue dog in your home may be the perfect way to help. As a foster parent, you help prepare a pet for adoption by giving him or her the skills and training necessary to make a smooth transition to a forever home. By taking a dog into your home, you also open up space in crowded shelters for another dog. (Which means you're actually helping two dogs!)

Please note, you must be a minimum of 25 years of age to submit an application.


As a foster parent with A Purposeful Rescue, you commit to:

  • Caring for the dog until he or she is adopted. This could be as quickly as a few weeks, a few months or possibly longer. We never know for sure how long it will take, and it can depend on the pup.

  • Helping transport the pup to necessary vet appointments and adoption events.

    • Our vet is in Pacific Palisades, and adoption events are in Brentwood. 

    • A Purposeful Rescue volunteers can occasionally assist with transport, but you should be able to do a majority of it.

  • Letting us know if you have extended travel plans coming up. If emergencies or brief trips come up, we can help provide short-term, temporary fosters to cover these situations. However, we cannot accommodate long-term coverage.

As an organization, we support foster parents by:

  • Matching you with a pup that meets your lifestyle and comfort level (i.e. active dog or couch potato).

  • Providing all supplies the pup will need (collar/tag, slip lead, food/supplements, etc.).

  • Covering all medical care. All dogs go through a full veterinary exam before coming to you. But they may need additional vet visits for follow-up care. Sometimes, recovery is part of the foster process.

  • Networking the dog  on social media and at adoptions events — with the goal of finding the dog a forever home. 

  • Making ourselves available to answer any and all questions. And there are no dumb questions.