Fostering a magical unicorn 

A Purposeful Rescue is a foster based organization which means in order to help a dog get out of the shelter we must first have a committed foster home. Our fosters, and volunteers who support them, are the backbone of what we do — we can't save the overlooked, medically in-need or senior pups without them.

As a foster parent you provide a temporary home for an APR pup until they are adopted. This could be as short as a few weeks, a few months or longer. During that time a foster will do all the things a dog owner would do such as taking them to vet appointments, working on basic training like house breaking and crate training and helping them acclimate to home life. Since being a foster means you are committed to setting your pup up for success, APR is committed to matching you with a dog that fits your experience level, energy level and current home environment. We will also be there to guide you along the way.

While we find some of the most magical of dogs in our local shelters, that doesn't mean they're always ready to go right into a permanent home. As mentioned above, your work as a foster to provide structure and establishing routine is key to them finding the right home. Your leadership, love, daily care, socialization and basic training will prepare your dog to transition successfully into a new forever home.

APR provides all medical care for fosters and your foster will be initially vetted before coming to you. They may require additional follow ups or surgeries as we tend to focus on seniors and medical dogs who need a little more care. We will also provide a collar, APR id tag and slip lead. We can also provide crates if you don't have one. We can provide food, or if you don't mind feeding your foster what your pup eats, it helps save a few dollars which can be put right back towards rescuing more Magical Unicorns. We can also support you with transport help via our amazing community of volunteers for things like rides to vet appointments or adoption events.

Should you fall in love with your MU (Magical Unicorn) and want to make them a permanent member of your family, you will have that option. Many of our fosters become adopters in addition to fostering!

Please consider fostering a dog. By taking a dog into your home, you also open up space in crowded shelters for another dog. (Which means you're actually helping two dogs!)

Please note, you must be a minimum of 25 years of age to submit an application.