They are dogs who may not run to the front of their kennel to greet visitors, so they're less frequently seen. Perhaps they're shy, or maybe they just don't do well in the stressful shelter environment. Maybe they have a treatable medical condition and just need someone to give them a little extra care. Whatever the reason, these dogs find themselves running out of time at the shelter. Previously overlooked, once you get these Magical Unicorns out of the shelter and into a loving foster or forever home, they reach their full potential as happy, loving companions!


AGE: 9 Years WEIGHT: 40 lbs BREED: Labrador Retriever mix

Hi! my name is Agnes! Lady Agnes! I'm approximately 9 years old, and I'm basically a mini Labrador! I'm very petite-40 lbs, and I am very social! I'm easy breezy! Like to walk, like to hang. I'm feeling a lot better now that I got out of the shelter — phew that was not fun! I am fostered with dogs of all shapes and sizes. I am not sure how I feel about kitties because I have not met any. Wanna meet me? Get in touch with APR.

I have a video. I’m wearing a bandana.

ALFALFA - Adoption Pending

AGE: 2 Years WEIGHT: 7 lbs BREED: Poodle (Miniature)/Shih Tzu Mix

Hi! I'm just a tiny little sprout they call Alfalfa!

I'm new to rescue so my foster fam is still getting to know me but they say I am super sweet, I'm good with other dogs and I love to be held and loved. I'm youngster at 2 years old and need to put on some weight because I'm currently only 7 lbs. Treats will definitely help me out there. My foster family thinks I would do best in a home with no children or older children only.

Check back for more updates or send me a note if you want to meet up!


AGE: 9 years WEIGHT: 70 lbs BREED: American Staffordshire Terrier mix

Hi. I'm Ali. I spent 9 months at the shelter, and that is shocking to everyone who knows how good a girl I am! I'm quite the catch! I'm around 8 to 9 years old and I weigh around 70 lbs. (The vet says I could stand to lose a few). I'm good with other dogs, and I love to go to the dog park because I do zoomies there. Wanna meet and see me go zoom? Get in touch.


AGE: 10 years WEIGHT: 79 lbs BREED: Labrador Retriever / Chow Chow mix

Hi, I'm Alice and I'm basically a bear cub trapped in a dog's body! I'm sweet as honey and just adore everyone I meet, unless you're a cat. I don't love kitties. I'm a mellow, old gal looking for a place to retire. Send me a note if you think you've got the perfect retirement home for me!

You can also watch a video of me here! And another one here!


AGE: 11 Years WEIGHT: 55 lbs BREED: Cocker Spaniel Mix

Hi guys. My name is Andy...and I have a problem with snacks. I'm sure you get it though. You open the bag of cookies to have just one and then all of the sudden, poof, they're all gone! Well, now that I'm a Magical Unicorn I'm making better life choices and started my weight loss journey to be a healthier Andy!

I'm currently 55 lbs (I know, I know) but I will be working hard to lose a lot of those lbs. The APR folks had the vet triple check that I wasn't hypothyroid, but I'm not. I just like to eat. Being that I'm a mature cocker spaniel at 11 years old it's time for me to change my ways. Good thing my foster Mom is a nutritionist! 

Besides being a snacker, I love a leisurely walk and really enjoy the company of my foster parents and my foster pup bro. They say I'm a super nice dude and very chill. If you're looking for a mellow dude and you can help me be my best Andy, send me a note!

Check out my zen play style :)


AGE: 10 Years WEIGHT: 15 lbs BREED: Cockapoo mix


Hello, there! I'm Aurora Tennenbaum and I'm one special lady. I somehow ended up in the shelter which was a very scary place for a gentle lady like me who can't see. But the folks at A Purposeful Rescue didn't let me stay there long. What's even more exciting is that they're going to take me to a special eye doctor to see if I can get my vision back! I'm just 10 years old (and 15 lbs) so I've got lots left to see and do. So, I still have some medical care to take care of but in the meantime I'm loving being cared for in my foster home and they love me. If you want to learn more about me, send me a note. XOXO.


AGE: 10 Years WEIGHT: 55 lbs BREED: Australian Shepherd/ German Shepherd Mix

Hello. My name is Bessy and my Rescuers and Foster Family cannot BELIEVE I spent 4 months at the shelter!?!?!?!?! Whaaaat? They ALL say I'm perfect. I'm a 10 year old 55 lb Fluffy Bear of a dog who swishes when I walk and I love everyone I meet but I would do best in a home with kids over the age of 14. I'm the perfect lady. House broken. Calm. No separation anxiety. I have perfect manners. I'm truly a catch! If you are the most amazing human(s) in the world and you are looking for the most amazing dog in the world please visit our website for an application.

Wanna see me sit and shake? Here you go. 



AGE: 10 Years WEIGHT: 110 lbs BREED: Lab/Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix

Hiya, my name is Chalupa. As you can see, I am a curvy, mature woman that don't need no man. Ok, that's a lie. I would love a man or woman or a family to take care of me. I am working on my fitness, be my witness? My heart is even bigger than my backside, but I promise to love you for the rest of my days. I am great with other dogs and would love to meet the right one(s) who can help me on my journey to becoming happier and healthier. I can't wait to meet you!

See how good I look in slo mo!

CRANBERRY - Adoption Pending

AGE: 5 Years WEIGHT: 6 lbs BREED: Yorkie Mix

Hi! I'm Cranberry! Because I'm little and red and oh-so-yummy...makes sense right?!

I'm just a wee lass at 6 lbs and I'm only 5 years old. My foster Mom says I love going to work with her and getting lots of attention. I flip over on my back and wiggle around so everyone stops to pet my belly. I also love snuggling on the couch with my foster family and foster sister. I'm just an easy going girl and would make a great companion!

If you want to meet up, send me a note. Xo.


AGE: 2 years WEIGHT: 10 lbs BREED: Maltese mix

Hey guys. It's Dan Dan. I don't know if you noticed the big smile on my face in my photo, but it's because the nice folks at APR saved me from the shelter. I was hit by a car and had some crazy damage...including a torn bladder! Can you believe I was still up walking around and being sweet as can be? I'm currently relaxing in my foster home and getting ready for my next surgery to fix my hip and then I get to be the totally healthy and happy dude I deserve to be. Stay tuned for updates!


AGE: 8 years WEIGHT: 93 lbs BREED: Rottweiler

Have you ever seen such a sweet face?! Now you have! And it's mine, Dottie the Rottie. Word on the street is that I am the NICEST lady around even though I was in quite a bit of pain when I came into the shelter. Lucky for me, the awesome shelter volunteers and staff let APR know that I needed to be a Magical Unicorn. I recently had successful ACL surgery and feel like a new dog. Get in touch if you'd like to hear all about it or see me walk...like a new dog. Love, Dottie. 

Check out my model video (I'm so pretty)! Wanna hear me sing?


AGE: 15 years WEIGHT: 16 lbs BREED: Maltipoo

My name is Dutchess. (It's Dutchess with a T because I'm TERRIFIC).   I'm a mature gal looking to spend my golden years loved and cherished in a comfy home. I was surrendered at the shelter with significant medical issues but am now doing better. I will need ongoing medical care for a heart condition and my eyes. And I'm going to be taking pills for the rest of my life. That's okay. Maybe we can put them in cheese? I love my walks and I love my FOOD! So if you'd like to treat a Dutchess like a queen, get in touch. 

I have a video. I even have a speaking part. You can also check out how snuggly I am here.


AGE: 10 years WEIGHT: 7 lbs BREED: Chihuahua / Dachshund mix

Hi! I'm Ellerbee, and I'm approximately 10 years old and I weigh a whopping 7 lbs! I'm part Chihuahua and part Dachshund. I guess that makes me a Doxie-wa-wa. I am super socialite and all I want to do is gab with all my dogs and my people (I love everyone). I really like to play with foster pup brother and keep up with him at 2 years old like it's no big deal! I also love to dance...for my dinner, when I'm happy, really any time. I'm an expert snuggler and would love to plant myself on your lap please!

Check out my play time persistence with adoptable Andy!

ELPHABA - Adoption Pending

AGE: 7 years WEIGHT: 53 lbs BREED: Staffordshire Terrier

 Hi there. My name is Elphaba and much like my namesake, Elphie from Wicked, I'm not what you would expect! While some people may see a big, tough looking black dog...I'm really just bursting with love and I will roll over for a belly rub before you can blink your eyes . I am very strong and have the biggest heart and those things combined give me a great zest for life. With all of my excitement and happiness, I am looking for a life partner that can be a great leader for me, set boundaries, help me with my manners, and provide a great routine and structure for me. If you want to see all my magic, be sure to reach out to A Purposeful Rescue to set up a date. 

Wanna see my awesome wiggle? Click here.


AGE: 7 years WEIGHT: 60 Ibs BREED: American Staffordshire Terrier

Hi I`m Gilbert! I just spent 8 months in a shelter, can you believe it? It was stressful but I survived!! Now thankfully I am free and I am getting used to the outside world and having the best time!

I am a BIG softy and I LOVE other dogs! Big, small, young, old, loud, quiet-nothing phases me. I am loving foster home life and working on house breaking. I have a little separation anxiety but crate training is helping me a ton! Oh, I'm also learning that stairs go up and down...still working on the down part hehe. My foster Mom says I am a great nap partner and would love to be someone's shadow. I do have some arthritis that I take meds for but it does not slow me down and I even chase toys around. I really love to wiggle on the carpet on my back!

If you want to get to know me and give me the love I`m looking for then get in touch and you know I will give that love back tenfold!


AGE: 12 years WEIGHT: 18 lbs BREED: Cocker Spaniel / German Shepherd mix

Hello!!! My name is Grandma Teeter Totter! I'm a mature, fragile, dainty lady who is an absolute delight! Also, no one can believe just how small I am in real life! I look like a miniature German Shepherd! Isn't that silly? I'm looking for a quiet place to rest and enjoy my retirement years. If you are looking for a companion just like, me get in touch. I'll teeter-totter my way to you. 

GRANDMA GERTIE - Adoption Pending

AGE: 13 years WEIGHT: 13 lbs BREED: Miniature Poodle Mix

Hello Darlings! Gma Gertie here! You might look at my age and think...ohhhhh she just wants to sleep and eat bon bons (don't get me wrong those are GREAT hobbies) but I still have sass and spunk! I like to go on walks and I like to follow my Foster Mom around the house bossing her around! I'm also a foodie! Wanna spend our golden years together? Holler at me!

KEVIN - Adoption Pending

AGE:  8 years WEIGHT: 15 lbs BREED: Shih Tzu mix


Heyooo! The name is Kevin or you can call me Kev, whichever you like best. I'm a "go with the flow" kind of dude despite having a pretty rough go of it lately. I will always have a tail wag and crooked little smile for you though, and who couldn't use that in their life?! I even like the mail man!

In my current digs, I live in a house with a yard with my foster Mama and her brood of wily pups. I love being close to my people and other dogs. In fact, I would be best suited to a home with at least one other pup and preferably someone who is home more often vs. working outside of the house for long days. What can I say...I just love too hard! My foster Mom says my best skill is looking at her adoringly as I follow her from room to room.While I've been known to be an expert level couch potato, I also really love going on walks around the neighborhood and will happily cruise the streets with you. I also really, really reallllly love a good cozy spot and enjoy spending a lot of time snoozing in my dog bed or on the couch in my pjs (yes, dogs can have pjs). 

While I know I sound pretty perfect so far, there are a couple things I'm working on because no one is perfect. When I first move into a new place, you'll have to be very consistent with me on my potty routine because I like to mark, but the good news is that I'm currently crate trained and nipped this issue in the bud. I also occasionally resource guard my food or treats because I'm a bit of a chunk. This is can be managed, but because of it we think I would do best in a home with older children only who understand.

So, if you're looking for a best bud for you and your current pup send me a note!

See how much I love snacks!


AGE:  12 years WEIGHT: 14 lbs BREED: Jack Russell Terrier mix

Hi! I'm Kippy! I'm a peach! I am a spry 12 year old (14 lb) dog and my foster Mom says I'm a bottomless love bucket. 

I want YOU, period. She also says I'm quirky, cute and so perfectly mannered. I'm a gran gran so I nap quite frequently but don't let this fool you - I have a 5th gear and can be ready to go in a heartbeat.  I am playful, loving and fun with the most loving disposition unless of course you're a puppy or you are another four legged furry that shows her too much attention. I really only have eyes for my human...I'm fine with other dogs but they're just other dogs.  

My foster Mom calls me Kippy Gran Gran Wonder Dog so if you're looking for a little magic in your life send me a note!

See what a love I am here!


AGE: 10 years WEIGHT: 6 lbs BREED: Yorkshire Terrier/Miniature Poodle mix


Meep meep...it's me, Myrtie! Coming through in my adorable, tiny pajamas! Have you ever seen anything as cute? I doubt it. You can check for batteries, but I'm the real deal. While I may be sight impaired (I can't see) that doesn't stop me from cruising around and making sure I know exactly what's going on and where. I like to be in the mix and make sure I get my snacks and my snuggles. At just 6 lbs and 10 years old I'm so tiny and so easy! I would make a great companion for just about anyone. Drop me a note if you want to have a slumber party (forever)!

PAMELA - Adoption Pending

AGE: 10 years WEIGHT: 45 lbs BREED: Collie / Retriever mix

Hi, it's me Pamela — or Pam if we're friends but I think everyone I meet is a friend because I'm just that sweet! I'm new to the rescue, but so far my foster Mom says that I'm just the nicest lady and great with other pups. If you're looking for a pretty, medium-sized old gal to brighten up your home, send me a note. 

I really love my ball! Check out how cute I am trying to get my foster mom to throw it just one more time!

PENCIL - Adoption Pending

AGE: 4 years WEIGHT: 12 lbs BREED: Shih Tzu mix

Don't you hate it when you need a #2 pencil and you can't find one anywhere?! Well, I can be your #2 Pencil forever! You'll never lose me in your backpack. I came into a rural shelter a big matted mess, and the shelter folks called APR because they know they were big ol' suckers for a pretty shih tzu...and they were. I went right to the vet where I got all my matted hair cut off and I felt soooo much better. My foster mom says I am a dream! I'm an easy-going girl who's sweet, playful and well behaved. If you're looking for a new BFF, send me a note!

PIGEON - Adoption Pending

AGE: 6 years WEIGHT: 11 lbs BREED: Shih Tzu

Hi, I'm Pigeon and I'm one little birdie you won't want to shoo away! I'm tiny, sweet and will have great hair once my skin heals up which I'm being treated for right now. While my skin is on the mend, I like to rock lycra jumpsuits. If you this this Pigeon is fly, get in touch. 

Here’s a behind-the-scenes video of my photo shoot.


AGE: 2 years WEIGHT: 45 lbs BREED: Bulldog Mix

Hi. My name is Potato Pancake but my friends call me Tato. I am looking for an experienced bully home who can provide lots of leadership and lots of boundaries. I am initially fearful, but once I trust you I am great. I am good with dogs as long as there is a proper introduction. Basically, I need a human who will keep me in check so I can continue being a lovely, balanced gal. No kids, sorry! I can't wait to meet you. xo 


AGE: 8 years WEIGHT: 40 lbs BREED: Australian Cattle dog

Hi. I'm Prue! I'm an 8-year-old Red Heeler who was rescued from the shelter in really bad shape! I had an eye ulcer and my skin was a mess from fleas. I am SO MUCH BETTER NOW! I'm smart as a whip, loyal, and all around very typical of my breed. I am a tad defensive with meeting new dogs, so I will need someone capable and with good leadership skills to show me I have nothing to worry about. I am by no means dog aggressive — far from it — I just need to meet them properly so I can be sure I trust them! Wanna meet this nice girl? Email me. Well, email APR, and they’ll let me know.

Wanna see me run?


AGE: 8 years WEIGHT: 15 lbs BREED: Papillion / Spaniel mix

Hiya!!! Punky Floofster is my name and being cute is my game! Things I love to do: Look adorable on well-designed furniture, snuggle, sunbathe, snack and generally be a very good dog. My foster mom says I'm a very easy pup and I would make a great companion in just about any situation. If you're looking for a very good-looking friend with excellent hair, send me a note.


AGE: 9 years WEIGHT: 15 lbs BREED: Wheaton Terrier/Cairn Terrier mix

Hello, I'm Sammie! Nice to meet you! I'm 7 years old and I weigh 18 lbs. I'm adorable! I am also very kind and my foster family cannot say enough nice things about me! Here's some info about me: I'm house broken, good with my foster dogs but can be particular with other dogs, don't like cats, LOVE kids, have some skin issues so I take medication to make me not itch ahhhh. I'm real cute and real fun! 

My foster Mom thinks I would do best in a home with a yard because I love to run around and sun myself. I can also be a little vocal when left alone for too long so if you have long work days I may not be the pup for you. It's only because I love my people SO much! You can see it for yourself in this video.

Check out my Marnie the Dog impression and adoption video, and drop me a line if you'd like to meet. 


AGE: 9 years WEIGHT: 9 lbs BREED: Miniature Pinscher / Chihuahua mix

Hi. My name is Slug! I'm around 9-10 years old and I weigh 11 lbs (ahem, but I am on a diet because I SHOULD weigh around 8/9 lbs). What can I say? I'm a foodie! This good boy is new to rescue, and I need to see a neurologist because I walk kinda funny. We are going to find out what is going on and get back to you on that! I can walk — just not on slippery surfaces. I LOVE other dogs! I love kids! I like being a couch potato while you watch TV. Oh and I like to eat bananas. How good does that sound? Call me.

Here’s me having a ball…with a ball.

SOSIE - Adoption Pending

AGE: 8 years WEIGHT: 8 lbs BREED: Cairn Terrier mix

Psssst....down here! No, I'm not a scruffy mouse. I'm just an adorable, tiny dog and my name is Sosie. While I may not take up much space in your home, I'll definitely take up a big space in your heart when you win me over. You see, I can be a little shy and it takes a little time for me to overcome that. Once I do though, you will be handsomely rewarded with teeny-tiny kisses and snuggles. In general, I'm a very easy-going gal. I'm quiet, house-trained, fine with other pups but would prefer a calm environment. Oh, and at 8 lbs I’m a very portable lady. If you want to get to know me, send me a note! Sosie you soon!

Here’s a video of me being adorable.

unicorns ON DECK



AGE: 9 years WEIGHT: 70 lbs (need to be 50 lbs) BREED: Bassett Hound mix

Hello from me…Howard Hippowitz. Would you believe a text message saved my life? It did. A nice person at the shelter texted the folks at APR telling them I needed to get out ASAP. And APR figured out a plan. As you can see, I’m a bit overweight. It turns out I have a thyroid issue that we’re now treating. Humans post pictures of me online with the hashtag #howardhippowitz🦄. Stay tuned for updates, and get in touch if you’d like to meet.

P.S. I’m not related to the TV character Howard Wolowitz, but I do enjoy lying down next to the TV.

TROUT TROTTENBERG - Adoption Pending

AGE: 9 months WEIGHT: 53 lbs BREED: Labrador Retriever

Have you ever been hit by a car? I have. The good news I had surgery to repair my broken femur and am now on the mend. My foster family says I’m a very kind boy. I’m house-broken, too. For fun, I love eating peanut butter from a spoon. By the way, my name is Trout. I’ll send updates of my recovery. Feel feel to drop me a line if you’d like to arrange meeting.