They are dogs who may not run to the front of their kennel to greet visitors, so they're less frequently seen. Perhaps they're shy, or maybe they just don't do well in the stressful shelter environment. Maybe they have a treatable medical condition and just need someone to give them a little extra care. Whatever the reason, these dogs find themselves running out of time at the shelter. Previously overlooked, once you get these Magical Unicorns out of the shelter and into a loving foster or forever home, they reach their full potential as happy, loving companions!


AGE: 10 Years WEIGHT: 10 lbs BREED: Terrier / Chihuahua mix

Hi guys! I'm Adam. Here's the deal: I may be just a little shy right now, but once you win me over and see my super-cute, crooked smile, you'll be hooked forever and want to be my best friend. I'm a little dude at just 10 pounds, so I won't take up much space on your couch when we snuggle which I love to do. (We can watch Parks & Rec, starring Adam Scott the Person.)  I'm also only 10 years young which means I have tons of time to hang out and love you. While I really love my people, I also really like hanging with pups, too. So if you have another dog, I would be great for your home. If you're looking for a handsome, scruffy man in your life send me a note!


AGE: 10 Years WEIGHT: 70 lbs BREED: Labrador Mixes

Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters. We’re Beth and Babs! We were surrendered to the shelter at the age of 10. Sigh. Lucky for us we were rescued! We are super fun, outgoing party girls! We love to walk and play in the yard, and we are fostered with kids! We weigh around 70 lbs and we are looking for a home together so we can spend our golden years loved and cherished!

We're a hoot! Check us out in action.


AGE: 8  WEIGHT: 4 lbs each BREED: Chihuahua

Do you have a sweet tooth? Then I'm your girl! I'm called Carol Cupcake because I'm the size of a cupcake and sweeeeet as can be. My foster Mom loves Chihuahuas, which is how I ended up with her. She says I like to do all the chihuahua things: being carried around, snuggling and napping in the sun. I'm pretty easy to please! I've also got one tiny little, nubby back leg but I think it just adds to my character. I'm looking for my real, forever family because my last one surrendered me to the shelter. I'm only 8 years old, so I have lots of love left to give. This tiny cupcake serves plenty! Just send me a note to meet me.


AGE: 8 years WEIGHT: 40 lbs(on a diet and exercise program to lose some lbs) BREED: Labrador/Chi

Hi! Dita Von Cheeseburger is my name! I'm short and stout and have the cutest little waddle! I'm around 8 years old and I am currently working on my health and fitness...yes I can stand to lose a few lbs. What can I say? I'm a foodie! I should weigh around 25-30 lbs but I am currently at 40. oops! Would like to meet me and my voluptuous bod?

I have a video! Check me out here!



AGE: 10 years WEIGHT: 12 lbs BREED: Corgi / Shiba Inu mix

While my name might remind you of your grandma's house...I'm no old lady! I've got energy to spare!

My former owners surrendered me to the shelter after ten great years with them. I was so sad and waited for someone to spring me out. When A Purposeful Rescue saw my stumpy little legs and hairless back (don't worry, we're on a regular beauty routine to fix this) they knew I was a Magical Unicorn!

I love to wiggle around on rugs, go for walks and hang out with my foster Mom and foster brother Brutus. I'm a mellow, small lady at 12 pounds looking for a rug to permanently wiggle on. Hit me up if you think I'm your match!


AGE: 16 years WEIGHT: 11 lbs BREED:  Chihuahua

Why, hello there! The name's Finnegan, and I'm ready to begin again. Don't let my slightly snowy face and round mid-section fool you. I may be a 16-year-old dude, but I love life like a young whippersnapper! I am currently enjoying hanging out with foster-sibling pups, going on jaunts around the park and snuggling up at night with my foster family who says I am the BIGGEST love bug. I'm just a tiny man, looking to take up a fraction of your sofa but love you with all my heart. If that sounds like your kind of deal, then get in touch. 


AGE: 2 years WEIGHT: 14 lbs BREED:  Beagle/Boston Terrier mix

Hi, I’m Gus! I survived a life on the streets, so I'm a little rough around the edges. Treats are the way to my heart, but I also love taking walks, sunbathing, and playing fetch. My little legs, long bod, and irresistible face are a blessing and a curse. People want to pet me right away, but it freaks me out! I like to takes things slow. Not sure why everyone has to rush into things these days anyways. The snuggles and kisses come only after I’ve gotten to know you. And, as long as I’m being honest (I prefer being up front with my suitors), I should tell you that I’m working on some anger management issues. While I can be a good boy and will listen sometimes, I admit I can be mean in certain situations. So, yea, I don’t mix well with little kids, and I need someone who will be patient and understanding to help me work out my kinks. In return, I’ll show you undying love and loyalty. I know I’m not for everyone, but I’m willing to wait for that special someone. Could that be you?



AGE: 10 years WEIGHT: 30 lbs BREED:  Australian Cattle Dog

G'day, mates! My name is Hollis and I am a gorgeous 10-years-young Australian Cattle Dog with a svelte 30 lb figure. I don't know why my previous owner doesn't love me anymore but I make friends easily with dogs, cats and kids of all ages. I've even been known to fancy to goats from time to time. Yes, goats! Every girl has her prerogative, right? Anyway, I just want a home to call my own so holler if you'd like to meet me!


AGE: 11 Years WEIGHT: 25 lbs BREED: Beagle Mix

Hi! I'm Inspector Gadget aka G Money...because I'm one smooth senior! I'm a good boy who gets along with other dogs. I’m house-trained and up-to-date on all my shots. Fun fact: I had 16 teeth removed. So my bark is definitely bigger than my bite. 

Here's a video of me trying to play it cool after a run-in with a trash can. 


AGE: 8 years WEIGHT: 15 lbs BREED: Shih Tzu


Hiya, my name is Kevin — or you can call me Kev, whichever you would like. I am a "go with the flow" kinda dude, despite having a ruff life until recently. I am always my happy-go-lucky self. My tail rarely stops wagging. I have some sight impairment, but I don't let that hold me back. I like running (at full speed), leaping into my dog bed, hanging out with other pups, and following you around all day. So if you need to talk about Kevin, get in touch. 


AGE: 7 years WEIGHT: 15 lbs BREED: Chihuahua mix

Ciao! My name is Luigi and I'm here to steal your heart and maybe some sputini (that's Italian for snacks).

You see, my name really suits me because it means "Renowned Fighter" and that's exactly what I am! I have some old, healed injuries that cause me to use mostly my front legs. But that doesn’t slow me down. In fact, I love to zoom around and keep up with my foster brother and sister just fine. I didn’t know physical therapy would be so much work, but I am gaining muscle and can’t believe how much stronger I am getting every day! In order to keep making progress, I need a special home where I can stay on my exercise and bathroom routines.

I'm not intimidated in the least by other pups big and small, and I simply love all humans, even those small humans. Oh, and I love having my neck rubbed and laying in the sun. But my favorite spot of all is a lap— I’d stay there for hours, and that’s exactly what I do when my foster mom takes me to work.  I guess you could say I’m a cuddler.  Is there room for me next to you?

Check out my cuteness in my video!



AGE: 8 years WEIGHT: 12 lbs BREED: Miniature Poodle / Shih Tzu mix

How did they say it in the movie? She's practically perfect in every way. That's me, Mary Puppins! I'm full of magic and fun and all things good. If you can believe it, I'm looking for my forever home. I'm a hypoallergenic little lady, and my special skills include walking nicely on the leash, perfect potty behavior, and loving other dogs. Also, I love to playfully tickle-bite your feet under the covers. I love my current foster Mom so much that I take her socks to snuggle with. I'm only 8 years old and for a little lady that means I have lots of time left to give lots of love. Would you let me make your days supercalifragilisticexpialidocious? Send me a note if so!


AGE: 2 years WEIGHT: 45 lbs BREED: Bulldog Mix

Hi. My name is Potato Pancake but my friends call me Tato. I am looking for an experienced bully home who can provide lots of leadership and lots of boundaries. I am initially fearful, but once I trust you I am great. I am good with dogs as long as there is a proper introduction. Basically, I need a human who will keep me in check so I can continue being a lovely, balanced gal. No kids, sorry! I can't wait to meet you. xo 


AGE: 7 years WEIGHT: 15 lbs BREED: Wheaton Terrier/Cairn Terrier mix

Hello, I'm Sammie! I'm currently getting all the TLC I need because I sat in the shelter for over two months. Can you believe that?! Lucky for me, I'm now an APR Magical Unicorn and on my way to the good life.


AGE: 10 years WEIGHT: 8 lbs BREED: Miniature/Toy Poodle

Hi! I'm Skinny LaMinx! I'm a confident girl who loves a good chin rub and sitting close to you. I love attention from my humans and racing my foster brother down the hallway. Vroom ! Then I prance around at the end like I just won the biggest race. My preferences include: the food you're eating, your lap, being talked to, being carried if the walk gets to long, dinner time and a really good faux fur blanket. Faux fur is my fav since I'm working on growing mine back. (I'm a minx, not a mink.) Things I don't like: baths. Wanna meet me? Get in touch. 


AGE: 4 years WEIGHT: 10 lbs BREED: Chinese Crested/Mini Schnauzer mix

Hi, down here...I'm a teeny, tiny Sprout! Just love me and I'll grow into the best friend you've ever had! I fall fast and hard and can be territorial with my humans so I would probably do best in a home without kiddos! I listen really well so if you set boundaries and tell me "you've got this" I understand. Wanna meet me?

Wanna see me work the sidewalk? Check this out. 


AGE: 11 months WEIGHT: 30 lbs BREED: Labrador Retriever/Shiba Inu mix

Hi! I'm Timmy! I'm an 11 mo old, 30 lb adorable, playful, yet very shy (with people) pup looking for a home in LA. I LOVE other dogs and I need at least one dog friend to live with who will help my confidence. I am a very gentle and very kind boy. People make me kinda nervous. I'm learning that they are nice and my Foster Family is amazing and they are helping me understand that humans are kind. I'm a really good boy!Oh, I am crate trained and house broken! Wanna meet me?


AGE: 11 months WEIGHT: 26 lbs BREED: Labrador Retriever/Shiba Inu mix

Hi. I'm Towanda (any Fried Green Tomato Movie fans?) It means "Find your Inner Hero" which is exactly what I am doing! I'm an 11 mo old, 26 lb pup who is initially shy but I warm up very fast. I'm really into comics and one day I want to be just as fearless as Wonder Woman. I’m working super hard on my confidence right now. Luckily I have a really great foster sister dog who teaches me how to do cool things and trust the human lady taking care of us. Did I mention I love dogs!? I love dogs. I would love a home with another dog so they can keep showing me the ropes and help me feel safe. I like my crate a lot and do just fine when the people leave the house. I know someday I’m gonna be a great snuggle buddy for humans just like I am with dogs, but it’s going to take some time. I need a hero who is patient and will practice with me. Walks still make me nervous and I’m scared of new people. I’m not mean or loud. I just want to hide. I have a lot of love to give and I need someone who will be my cheerleader (coach?, stunt coordinator?, you choose). I can’t wait to show you how great I am.

unicorns ON DECK


AGE: 10 years WEIGHT: 130 lbs BREED: Cattle Dog

Hi I'm Arbuckle! I'm a cattle dog who was abandoned when my previous owners moved. Yes, I'm named for big-boned silent movie actor Fatty Arbuckle. But it turns I have a thyroid problem that's led to my weight gain. But I am now on medication to help get that under control, and I'm starting my weight-loss program. Be sure to check back in for updates. 




    AGE: 13 years WEIGHT: 64 lbs BREED: Labrador Retriever

    Hi I’m Delpha! I’m all things amazing about labs: soooooo sweet, silly, will stop any random stranger for affection and can quite quickly roll over on the ground for belly rubs. I’m 13 years young and a bit plump at 64lbs. I’m also a bit of a ham so check out my lion photo! I’m getting some medical care and will be available soon so check back for updates!


    AGE: 10 years WEIGHT: 15 lbs BREED: Chiweenie

     Hi I’m Dinah! I’m a sweet little lady 10 years young. At 15lbs, I waddle when I walk and I have the cutest wonky ear. I’m super sweet and know how to charm anyone I meet. I love to play with dogs and enjoy the company. I’m getting some medical care and will be available soon so check back for updates!


    AGE: 1.5 years WEIGHT: 45 lbs BREED: Dutch Shepherd Mix

    Eunice is a 1-2 year old Dutch Shepherd Mix. She is currently underweight-around 40 lbs-she should weigh at least 50. 

    She is very shy but she adores dogs so a home with at least another confident dog is a must. We have not seen her around cats. A shepherd savvy home would be fantastic because once she becomes more confident and self aware she will need the typical leadership and routine that the breed requires. She is lovely. Gentle, kind, and willing to please. She is a fantastic dog. 


    AGE: 9 years WEIGHT: 6 lbs BREED: Chihuahua

    Hi I’m Frida Khalittle and I’m just a wee little tyke of 6 lbs. At 9 years young, I’m so snuggly I’ll fit right in your arms. I’m cute as can be and I just love to have my belly rubbed so give me some attention and I’ll give you a big smile. I’m getting some medical care and will be available soon so check back for updates!


    AGE: 4 years WEIGHT: 55 lbs BREED: Labrador Retriever

    Hi I'm Regina! I'm a super-sweet, super-loving, beautiful black lab with a nice, shiny coat. I'm on the smaller side for a Lab only weighing 55lbs and am still young at only 4 years old. Bad news: I came into the South LA shelter with a broken tibia! Good news: APR took me out of the shelter so my leg could get fixed. I'm about to have orthopedic surgery, and then I'll begin recovering. Once I'm all healed up, I'll be ready to go to my forever home. Check back for updates, and send me good vibes. 


    AGE: 10 years WEIGHT: 68 lbs BREED: American Pit Bull Terrier

    Hi! My name is Yolie, I wear my 68 pounds proudly and I am the sweetest 10-year-old American Pit Bull Terrier you ever did meet. I may be older but don't let that fool you...I have LOTS and LOTS of love left to give to anyone who will accept it, especially dogs and humans. I waited patiently in the shelter for 6 long months to be rescued and now that I've escaped the slammer, I'm getting some much needed TLC and medical care. As soon as I'm back to my normal self, I'd love to find my forever family. Could that be you? I hope so!