They are dogs who may not run to the front of their kennel to greet visitors, so they're less frequently seen. Perhaps they're shy, or maybe they just don't do well in the stressful shelter environment. Maybe they have a treatable medical condition and just need someone to give them a little extra care. Whatever the reason, these dogs find themselves running out of time at the shelter. Previously overlooked, once you get these Magical Unicorns out of the shelter and into a loving foster or forever home, they reach their full potential as happy, loving companions!


AGE: 11 Years WEIGHT: 12 lbs BREED: Poodle (Miniature)

Did you watch Downton Abbey? Remember the valet Bates? If you adopt me, anytime you want you can say, “Bates, fetch me my slippers.” I probably won’t bring them, but you can say it. Unlike the TV Bates, I’m a dog on the mend. I recently had major dental surgery. While I was at the shelter, my mouth was basically rotting. But I’m feeling a heck of a lot better now. I’m going to be honest: I’m working on house-breaking and learning to trust humans again. I’m not so good with kids, but I’m good with other dogs. However, I can be possessive if given the chance. I’ve been told I respond well to leadership. If you’d like to meet me, get in touch.


AGE: 9 Years WEIGHT: 30 lbs BREED: Beagle / Labrador mix

Hello, I’m Bingo. People tell me I’m an amazing boy. I’m great with dogs of all sizes. I love to go on walks and hikes. I’m house-broken. I’m currently looking for a forever home or a foster. So whether you’re looking for a great summer houseguest or a more permanent addition to your family, I just might be your dog. Also, you’ll feel like a winner when you get to shout “Bingo!” every day. Fill out an application to get things started.

BRONCO - Adoption Pending

AGE: 10 Years WEIGHT: 60 lbs BREED: Australian Cattle Dog / Blue Heeler

Chivalry is alive and well…and it has four paws! My name is Bronco, and I am a gentleman! How did a nice dog like me end up on the market? It’s a sad story: Unfortunately, my owner died, and I landed at the shelter. However, the rescue humans got me out and are taking good care of me. As you might have noticed, I am quite overweight at the moment, but I am working hard to get back in shape! If you’d like to meet a gallant dog like me, get in touch.

BUMBLE - Adoption Pending

AGE: 9 Years WEIGHT: 3 lbs BREED: Chihuahua

Hello, I’m Bumble, and I’m one tough cookie. As you can see, my ear looks a little different. I was diagnosed with a skin issue that has caused half of my ear to deteriorate. I am also mostly hairless (except for a few spots on my face and rump). So I definitely need protection from the sun. I will be having reconstructive surgery on my ear soon. Otherwise, I am told that I am a very healthy, little saint of a dog! I am fostered with other dogs and a cat named Wanda Sparkles. If you’d like to learn more about this good girl and meet up, get in touch.


AGE: 4 Years WEIGHT: 50 lbs BREED: Boxer/Labrador Retriever Mix


My name is Casserole. My friends call me "Cassie"!
I'm a swell gal who is just damn happy to be alive!
I give LOTS of kisses so look out!
I weigh 60 lbs but have a goal weight of 55 lbs
I am 4 years old
I like other dogs!
I am crate trained!
I am house broken!
I have arthtirits for such a young dog but I get around just fine and we are not really sure why I have it but I do and it's ok don't worry!
I like to carry a toy in my mouth on walks.
I'm a very good girl!

Wanna meet me? You know you do!

Watch me and my cuteness as I carry my toy on my walk!


AGE: 10 Years WEIGHT: 65 lbs BREED: Lab/Bloodhound Mix

Hiya, my name is Chalupa. As you can see, I am a curvy, mature woman that don't need no man. Ok, that's a lie. I would love a man or woman or a family to take care of me. I am working on my fitness, be my witness? My heart is even bigger than my backside, but I promise to love you for the rest of my days. I am great with other dogs and would love to meet the right one(s) who can help me on my journey to becoming happier and healthier. I can't wait to meet you!

Want to see me eat a snack very gently? Watch this.



AGE: 8 Years WEIGHT: 20 lbs BREED: Skye Terrier/Cairn Terrier mix

Helloooooooo!!! My name is Chuckles! I am a rad dog, according to my foster mom who also says I’m super-smart, super-handsome (duh), and an all-around super-star of a dog! Also for a small dog, I have some seriously long legs. All the better for me to take walks, I say. I love other dogs, love pack walks, and love to hang on the sofa and chill. If you’re ready for a Chuckle every day, I might just be your dog. Look for me at adoption events or fill out an application. Hope to see you soon!

COUCH - Adoption Pending

AGE: 9 years WEIGHT: 75 Ibs BREED: American Staffordshire Terrier / English Bulldog Mix

Hello, I’m Couch. I am a big boy, who’s currently on a diet and exercise plan to get down to a healthy weight of 55 lbs. I’m called Couch because I’m a couch potato, not because I have upholstered arms. I am good with dogs. My fosters think I probably could care less about cats, but we should probably test that to be sure. I love days when we can sit on the…you guessed it…couch, chillaxing and watching TV. Yes, I will go on hikes, but I take it slowly. I enjoy car rides, too. Call me, and I’ll come test out your sofa to see if we’re a good match.

Watch me have THE BEST TIME at home depot in my Dad shirt!


AGE:  7 Years WEIGHT: 6 Llbs BREED:  Cairn Terrier/ Yorkie / Yorkshire Terrier Mix

Hi! I'm Fancy! Nice to meet ya! I'm a teeny, tiny, little pop tart of a lady! I’m so small that I can fit in your pocket. I am good with other dogs, but I do have some separation anxiety. The good news is that I am working on that with my foster family. (But really aren’t we all codependent in some way?) Also, I recently met a talented actress who you could say is in a very “good place.” Here’s the photo. Aren't I Fancy? If you’d like to meet me or learn more about me, get in touch.

HAROLD - Adoption Pending

AGE:  12 Years WEIGHT: 32 Llbs BREED:  Whippet / Pointer Mix

Hello, I’m Harold, and I am just a really nice guy! I'm good with all dogs and I love nothing more than a good cuddle sesh! I had a dental (yay!)and lost most of my teefers (boo!). I also had a mass removed, and I am feeling like new! Also, someone shot me at close range, and I still have some BB gun pellets in me but it's OK. They don't hurt. I might beep at the airport, though. But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Wanna meet me? That’d be swell. Get in touch.  



AGE:  7 Years WEIGHT: 70 lbs BREED: Boxer mix

Hi. My name is Janet! Nice to meet you! I'm a 7 year old Boxer mix. (I might be part Mastiff.) I am new to rescue, but here’s my curriculum vitae, neatly typed of course.

  • I like dogs. 🐶

  • I don't know how I feel about cats.🐈 🤷

  • I worked as a greeter dog at the shelter. 👋

  • I am crate-trained. 📦

  • I am good in the car. 🚗

  • I am house-broken. 🚽

  • I like stuffed animals. 🧸

  • If you’d like to meet, get in touch. 📞

  • I have a video here where I am being silly. 🎬

  • I have another video of my bloopers where I try so so SO hard to catch things!


AGE: 6 years WEIGHT: 8 lbs BREED: Chihuahua

Hi Jose here! Nice to meet ya! I have been told that I am a real-life cartoon. To clear the air, yes, I am a tad plump. Don't worry. I’m working on this! I'm on a mission to drop 1 lb to get my 7-lb Chi Body back! I still have a few teeth left. I love other dogs. I haven't met a cat, but I would probably be able to coexist with one...why not?

Here’s a video of me in a red shirt.


AGE: 9 years WEIGHT: 55 lbs BREED: Labrador Retriever / Pit Bull Terrier mix

Hi-ah! I'm Maia! I had a family my entire life...well...until I was 8 years old. We lost our home, and I — along with my dog pal — had to go to the shelter. He was adopted, and I spent a year and a half waiting...and waiting. I had almost given up hope when one day the kennel door opened and off I went! Bye-bye, shelter! I am now a 9-year-old lady looking for the moon and the stars. I am around 55 lbs. I am house-broken, crate-trained, obedient, and dog-friendly with a proper intro. I am fostered with another dog. I also look good in car coats. If you’d like to meet, get in touch.

I love playing with my ball? Check out my video!


AGE: 8 years WEIGHT: 50 lbs BREED: Labrador Retriever/German Shepherd Dog Mix

Hello. My name is Missy. My friends call me "Moose," "MissyPie" and "MissyMoo." My former owner surrendered me to a very loud and intimidating shelter (no reason given) and I was pretty scared. Actually, pretty scared is putting it mildly. I was petrified. Luckily, some nice volunteers saw me shaking and made it their mission to help me...and they did! The nice rescue people came and OH MY GOSH do I feel so much better now! I'm still working on trusting humans. (Can you blame me after my former person left me?) But I am doing so well! I feel like a new gal. I LOVE other dogs and having at least one confident dog friend will help me immensely. If you’d like to meet this sweet Miss, get in touch.


AGE: 9 years WEIGHT: 7 lbs BREED: Chihuahua

Hi! I'm Muesli! I’m relatively new to the rescue. What can I tell you about me? I am fostered with a couple other little Chihuahuas. My coat is white with a little bit of tan. I’m teeny tiny.

Here’s a video of me doing great on a leash.

Here’s another video of me going with the flow.



AGE: 17 years WEIGHT: 11 lbs BREED: Miniature Pinscher / Beagle mix

Hello, I’m Nubi. I’m what you call a SUPER senior. They call me "super" because I’m 17 years old and spectacular! I am one resilient grandpa of a dog. Generally, I’m in really great health. I can still run with my senior foster siblings, and I completed a 3K dog walk this year at the Puppies & Planks event. I am a good eater, make a good snuggler and have been ALMOST perfect with going potty outdoors. However, I can't hear too well and my night vision isn’t great. My previous pet parents developed cancer and could no longer care for me — so I really appreciate this second chance. If your place would make a comfy retirement home for me, get in touch.

I’m in a movie. (It’s a short film.) Here’s my close-up.


AGE: 6 years WEIGHT: 20 lbs BREED: Chihuahua mix

Hello, I am a round Ottoman. Yes, I'm a big boy! Sadly, my previous owner overfed me. Nope, it’s not a thyroid condition — just tubby. So I am currently on a mission to lose weight and get healthy! I should weigh 10-12 lbs! EEK! I have a tiny, deformed eye that I was born with. I am getting a dental soon too. I am very shy initially with humans, but I LOVE other dogs! A home with at least another dog friend is a must! If you’re looking for a new Ottoman, get in touch.


AGE: 10 years WEIGHT: 11 lbs BREED: Chihuahua 

Hi, I'm Pedro. Nice to meet you. I’m a portly little gent on a mission to lose a couple of pounds. I should weigh around 8-9 lbs. Oops! (Bread is my enemy.) In the meantime, I look like a squishy gummy bear. I love other dogs. I'm in good health. I have had blood and fecal work done, and I will be getting a much-needed dental cleaning very soon! Wanna meet me? Drop APR a line.

Wondering if I can fit in your arms? Click here for the video.


PLUTO - Adoption Pending

AGE: 6 years WEIGHT: 65 lbs BREED: Pit Bull Terrier mix

Pluto is I. Wait. I am Pluto. Yep, that's right. I am PLUTO!!! I am told I am a living, breathing cartoon character — and although I do not know what this "cartoon" is — I think it's a good thing because humans laugh when they say it. I'm around 6 years old. I weigh 65 lbs, but I should weigh 55 lbs. I am currently on a really healthy diet and exercise plan to get back into shape. I am a good boy, and I like other dogs of all sizes. Cats are fine too. (See my video.) I just run when they yell at me because I am NOT messing with those kitties! NOPE NOPE NOPE. Call me, maybe? Lets do lunch? A healthy lunch. See you soon.


POPPY - Adoption Pending

AGE: 9 years WEIGHT: 10 lbs BREED: Pomeranian / Chihuahua Mix

Belly rubs! Sorry, I had to get that out of the way, I’m obsessed with them. I’m Poppy, and I was rescued from the Lancaster shelter where I was living temporarily in the medical ward. I’ve got some skin and hair loss issues that I’m pretty sure will clear up now that I’m on a much healthier diet. Can we talk for a second about how adorable I am? Being cute is the best way to get belly rubs so I’m always trying to look my best. It just comes naturally to me . I’m VERY popular with everyone. My personality could win awards. Back in “high school” I was voted Ms. Congeniality AND Most Likely to Steal Your Man. Also, I guess that I should mention that I have early kidney disease, but that just means I need some special (not-too-expensive) food and occasional visits to the vet to monitor the condition. I expect to be around for many more years. If you’re ready to pick a Poppy, drop APR a line.

Would you like to see a video of me? Click here.


AGE: 11 years WEIGHT: 30 lbs BREED: Beagle

I'm Rhonda! I'm HILARIOUS! I'm a super-confident, "mature" gal. (Don't you dare call me a Granny!) I love food. (Shocker! A beagle who loves food?) I love walks and car rides and humans and belly rubs! Oh, I also resource-guard with other dogs, but it's super-manageable (Another shocker! A beagle who resource-guards? LOL. I’m literally on the floor right now.) I very much enjoy the company of other dogs, but I can also fly solo! I have some extra cushion in my tushion (ruled ou thyroid), so I am now on a healthy-eating and exercise routine. (Boring.) If you wanna meet me in person, please get in touch.


AGE: 9 years WEIGHT: 15 lbs BREED: Wheaton Terrier/Cairn Terrier mix

Hello, I'm Sammie! Nice to meet you! I'm 9 years old and I weigh 18 lbs. I'm adorable! I am also very kind and my foster family cannot say enough nice things about me! Here's some info about me: I'm house broken, good with my foster dogs but can be particular with other dogs, don't like cats, LOVE kids, have some skin issues so I take medication to make me not itch ahhhh. I'm real cute and real fun! 

My foster Mom thinks I would do best in a home with a yard because I love to run around and sun myself. I can also be a little vocal when left alone for too long so if you have long work days I may not be the pup for you. It's only because I love my people SO much! You can see it for yourself in this video. Drop me a line if you'd like to meet. 

Check out my Marnie the Dog impression and adoption video.


SELMA - Adoption Pending

AGE: 10 years WEIGHT: 12 lbs BREED: Pomeranian mix

Hello, I'm Selma! I'm a delightful gal! How would I describe myself in three words? Easy-going, perfect on a leash, house-broken, dog-friendly, kid-friendly...I guess you can say I'm a catch! (Well, that’s way more than three words.) Did you know I have a hashtag on the 'gram? I do. See my pics tagged with: #selmathemu🦄 If you think I’m cute, cuddly and the dog for you, I would love to meet you! Fill out an application to get things started. Hope to see you soon!


AGE: 11 years WEIGHT: 15 lbs BREED: Poodle

Nice to meet you! My name is Seth. Seth Silverman. Even though I already have a last name, I could take yours if I become part of your family. I’m an apricot poodle and a good boy who likes other dogs, cats and kids. Full disclosure: I do have an issue with one dry eye, so I will need to be on medication for that. But it’s not that expensive. Besides, lots of celebrities have dry eyes. I’ve seen their TV commercials. So I guess I’m just very on trend. If you’d like to meet me and gaze into my trendy eyes, get in touch.


AGE: 9 years WEIGHT: 9 lbs BREED: Miniature Pinscher / Chihuahua mix

Hi. My name is Slug! I'm around 9-10 years old and I weigh 11 lbs (ahem, but I am on a diet because I SHOULD weigh around 8/9 lbs). What can I say? I'm a foodie! This good boy is new to rescue, and I need to see a neurologist because I walk kinda funny. We are going to find out what is going on and get back to you on that! I can walk — just not on slippery surfaces. I LOVE other dogs! I love kids! I like being a couch potato while you watch TV. Oh and I like to eat bananas. How good does that sound? Call me.

Here’s me having a ball…with a ball.


AGE: 8 Years WEIGHT: 55 lbs BREED: Labrador Retriever/German Shepherd Dog Mix

Hi!  My name is Sushi.  If my life were a rom-com, this part would be the "makeover montage" (cue the music ... "Just Fine" by Mary J. Blige.)  I've left my old life far behind and now I'm getting pampered at the salon (my fur is growing in nicely!) and showing off the new me to the world.  Just like Julia Roberts at the polo match, I'm sometimes not totally confident about what to do in new situations, but I'm watching, and learning.  And when I'm at home I can let loose and be the real me ... loving, loyal, curious, soulful.  This new life is pretty amazing so I'm happy to just go with the flow ... short walks, long hikes, lounging around the house, going out to brunch, sleeping in my crate, having the house to myself, meeting new people, head scratches from little kids. I'm pretty good at ignoring little dogs (under 25 lbs) but best to not let them get too close ... nobody's perfect.  It's been a tough road, but I'm ready to find my people and let my love shine bright.

Here’s a video of me giving a low five.
Did you know that
I’m the cutest at dinner time?


SYBBIE - Adoption Pending

AGE: 9 months WEIGHT:30 lbs BREED: Border Collie & Basenji Mix

Hello, I’m Sybbie. Have you ever felt uncomfortable at a party? I can relate. You see, I am one shy girl. But I am working on coming out of my shell. I’ll be honest: I takes me a a bit to warm up to people. However, I like and trust all dogs. My foster mom says I should have a home with another dog to help me build my confidence with people. My foster mom also says I’m funny, smart and a playful little pop tart. If you and your dog are patient, I might be the right fit for your little pack. Come meet me for an initial introduction (but remember I’m shy).

Watch me play with a dog pal here.


AGE: 7 years WEIGHT:55 lbs BREED: Pit Bull Terrier/Bulldog Mix

Hi, my name is Norman. Humans put me in a taco costume once so now my nickname is "sad taco" — silly humans. Yes, the first thing you will notice is my silly face. No there is nothing wrong me with. Yes, it's adorable. Yes, it's permanently sideways like that. Like I said: adorable. I am fostered with another dog my size, and she is delightful. I would love a home with another, delightful dog. We take naps together. We also enjoy snacks. I love snacks. Do you have snacks? Call me so we can enjoy snacks together. Love, Me. 🌮 Norman.


AGE: 7 years WEIGHT:90 lbs BREED: Chesapeake Bay Retriever & American Staffordshire Terrier mix 

Hi! My name is Tuba, and I am a gentle giant!! I am around 7 years old and weigh 90 lbs! I'm a big softie who loves other dogs and people — and would probably not even mind cats. I am house-broken, crate-trained and just an all-around super-star dog! I love nothing more than lounging on the sofa with my foster-dog sister named Bernadette. My foster family says I'm just a really swell guy! Wanna meet me? Well, use your Internet machine and get in touch!

Do I look good on a sofa? This video answers that.


AGE: 6 years WEIGHT:20 lbs BREED: Poodle Mix

My name is Tulip! I am a very sweet girl, and I love other dogs. I can't really see or hear super well, but that's OK! I'm resilient! Other dogs help me a lot, so a home with at least one would be ideal. I am working on house-training and also my fitness. I take medication for high-blood pressure but I hope that doesn't deter you. If you’d like to have a Tulip in your home, get in touch.


AGE: 9 years WEIGHT: 5 lbs BREED: Chihuahua

I'm Turnip!
I'm a spectacular dog! Technically, I'm the size of a hamster but, NOPE, I am NOT a hamster! I am a dog! A 5 lb, 9/10 year old dog! 
I love other dogs. I love to lay in your arms or your lap, love car rides, and take snoozes. 
I have a minor heart condition that requires medication but it is easily managed.


AGE: 8 years WEIGHT: 65 lbs BREED: Hound & American Staffordshire Terrier Mix 

Wilma is WONDERFUL. Gentle, quiet, dog loving...a damn dream dog if you ask us! Wilma is around 8 years old and weighs 65 lbs. She is fostered with multiple dogs of all sizes and very much enjoys their company. She is house broken, crate trained, and just a really nice dog who will make a human(s) VERY happy! 

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