Thank you for considering opening your home to a homeless dog in need! We will review your application and find the right fit for you.

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APR dogs are vetted in the Marina del Rey/Mar Vista, Culver City, North Hollywood, and Agoura area. Will you be able to take your foster to vet appointments? *
We do our best to schedule appointments around foster availability.
While APR works with specific vets, there are instances where we may be able to accommodate scheduling at locations near you. Please tell us areas that would be convenient for both scheduled appointments or drop off appointments where the pup gets dropped off in the morning and picked up in the late afternoon (e.g. close to home or where you work)
APR adoption events are every other Saturday from 11a-1p in the Culver City area. Please check all that apply to your potential attendance: *
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Please tell us how you would handle this situation. It will help us understand how you would handle the challenges of fostering so we can best support you!
I agree that I will always ensure any A Purposeful Rescue dog is wearing a collar and A Purposeful Rescue tag and walked on either a martingale collar or slip lead. If any of these items are missing I agree that I will immediately let APR know in order to replace them. *