It all started with a senior, black lab.

At age 11, Jackie is young, gentle, and has an amazing spirit. She also loves to be by your side and just sit and stare into your eyes. Jackie was 10 years old when her former family left her at the shelter. Being a senior dog, and a black dog, her chances of adoption were slim. She was scheduled for euthanasia, and with hours to spare, she was rescued just in time! From the moment Jackie came home and met her new family, two kids, and three other rescue dogs, she knew she was home. Jackie loves snuggling in bed with her family at night, after a long day of swimming, playing fetch, and socializing. She has never met a person or dog that she didn’t like.

These are just a few of the reasons that made Jackie the 2018 Best in Rescue Champion!


With the Big title came a big prize

Along with Jackie's huge honor of being Best in Rescue 2018, A Purposeful Rescue was awarded a lifesaving investment from the Petco Foundation that is allowing us to save more Magical Unicorns just like Jackie! Check out some of the pups below who have directly benefitted from the support of the Petco Foundation.



Jack Tripper

Jack Tripper was a part of a cruelty case and became part of a group of 8 chihuahuas known as the Upland 8. These poor pups lived in a home, abandoned for nearly a year. Their former owner came by occasionally to throw food on the ground for them. They lived in their own filth and all alone until animal control stepped in. Jack Tripper was in terrible condition and we didn't know if he would even survive.

He couldn't walk, stand or even go to the bathroom on his own. He was obese and has encephalitis. After many, many vet appointments and seeing specialists Jack is now THRIVING! He walks and dances for his dinner and chirps away like the happy little chi he deserves to be.

The most exciting part of Jack's journey is that he is now home! With the veterinarian from the first hospital that treated him when he was rescued by animal control. She couldn't stop thinking about him and just knew he had to join her family! He now goes to work with her where he gets loved on by all the staff and gets to watch his Mama help other pups in need. 

Watch me jam around!



Take one look at Armie's snowy face and you might see a resemblance to our very own Jackie...which is why we just couldn't let him sit in the shelter and suffer one more day alone! It was Jackie's Mama, Debbie, who went and busted this sweet dude out of the Downey animal shelter and got him right to the vet for some much needed care.

Armie had lived a hard life as what we think was probably a "yard dog." He's only 9 years old but looked SO much older. He had huge bumps that looked like tumors from terrible flea allergy, hair loss and a some old man lumps. On top of it, he had a terrible upper respiratory infection that kept in the hospital for nearly two weeks.

Now, this happy dude is busy chasing birds and hanging with his foster siblings being the happy lab he should be.

Check out how good I look in a hat!


Dottie the rottie

Dottie had us with those big, googly eyes from the moment she looked at us! That could you resist it?! She had been brought into the shelter and was in so much pain she could barely stand up. She was in so much pain she wouldn't eat. Can you imagine what that's like? The amazing shelter staff x-rayed her to try and understand what was hurting this 100 lb big girl. Other than hip dysplasia it was hard to tell. We knew we had to get her out and figure out what was going on and help her. She is such a love!

Well, after multiple vet trips and a visit to the specialist. We had an answer. She needs both of her ACLs repaired which is no small surgery for a big pup like her but she's got the APR team behind her. We're going to have this sweet girl walking the way she should be with the surgery, recovery, rehab and most importantly lots of love.

Watch Dottie and her BFF Magic be adorable!